Tom Miura (みうら トム, Miura Tomu) is a character in Chlorine Grown Roses. He is introduced as Kimmy Sakura's detective partner in chapter 41.

Appearance Edit

He has black hair, grayish blue eyes, freckles and sports an almost gigantic ahoge. Usually he wears a green blazer with a white shirt underneath and a black tie, black pants and a brown pair of shoes.

Personality Edit

Miura is a very calm and relaxed person, who doesn't pay much attention to potential dangers. Even when he's supposed to be investigating the yakuza, he's carefree and takes his time enjoying his personal hobbies instead of working. While he does possess a gun, he regularly forgets to bring it, for which his partner constantly berates him.

Relationships Edit

Kimmy Sakura Edit

Miura is set to be the young prodigy's partner, but due to Kimmy's serious nature he appears to slow down the investigation rather than speed them up. Even though they have only recently partnered up, she is already annoyed by his seemingly unprofessional behavior.

Kirumi Kissu Edit

Miura proclaims himself as the biggest fan of the idol, although he doesn't exactly keep track of her concerts and shows. He's aware that Kirumi is much older than her official stage age, however, he refuses to acknowledge that fact.

Trivia Edit

  • He's confirmed to be 20 or 21 and loves an idol whose stage age is 15
    • Although its an open secret that Kirumi Kissu is an adult in real life.
  • When he's introduced, the narration refers to him as tom, but after Azusa told him her name he's suddenly only ever referred to by his surname