This is a list of all outfits Azusa Tachibana has worn throughout the entirety of Chlorine Grown Roses. All descriptions are directly taken from the chapter in question if they 'debuted' there, for other outfits she wore in that chapter there will be a referral to which chapter the outfit debuted in.

List Edit

Chlorine Grown Roses: Edit

Chapter Clothing Description
1 "A short black dress with a silver cross on the front, long black socks and black boots with skulls on them."
2 presumably same as chapter 1
3 The school uniform's "shirt was white with long sleeves and buttons and [the] jacket was black with a green bow and [she] wore a short brown skirt with gray thigh highs and black shoes."
4 Iwatobi school uniform
5 "A beautiful long lacy black corset dress with short sleeves that were made of silk. [...] [She] was wearing a crimson rose hair pin. [She] was wearing long black gloves with a crimson rose bracelet on [her] left hand, and [...] wore a crimson rose necklace. The dress showed off some of [her] cleavage."
6 Iwatobi school uniform
7 "two wine red ribbons" with the same clothes from chapter 1
8 "a black sundress, with a [cross] necklace, black flats, with a red bow on them, [black] and white, [striped], thigh high socks, and a black garter"

"an old, black Fallout Boy shirt, and a gray miniskirt"

9 Iwatobi school uniform
10 "a short black dress, with red straps, long, black, gloves, and dark, crimson, tights, with black , high heels"
11 same as chapter 10
12 same as chapter 10

same as chapter 3 [Iwatobi school uniform]

"a black bikini with a little red bow on it with a swim skirt that also had a red bow on it"

13 "a black jacket [with] neko ears on the hood, a Panic at the disco shirt that [she] cut to be v neck, a frilly red skirt, leggings with a black cat on them and combat boots"

presumably the bikini from chapter 12

14 "a long [sleeved, black] shirt with black, and white, striped [sleeves], a red vest, a frilly, black, skirt with red stuff, at the bottom, black tights, and red mary janes"
15 same as chapter 14

according to chapter 16, a "baggy MCR [tshirt], a short pleated gray skirt, striped red and black tights, and pink mary [janes]"

16 "a straitjacket" and "striped red and black tights"

"a black Invader Zim tshirt and a pair of black pajama pants with Gir all over them" and the tights.

17 "a black, and pink striped tanktop, A black skirt with pink skull [designs] and pink frills, black, and pink, striped [tights], and black mary janes" and "a pink bow".
18 same as chapter 16 (pajamas)
19 "a black FOB [t-shirt], a dark gray short skirt, black converses, black fishnet gloves and tights, and a silver cross necklace"
20 "a black miniskirt, with red fishnet [stockings], a tight, black tanktop, that said MCR, in red, a silver, skull necklace, and black combat boots"
21 "a black dress, with plaid hearts, with bows, overall straps, black buttons, and a big black [bow], in the back, with a white [dress shirt], with corset lace, on the arms, underneath [...with] a short, black, riding hood, with a red, plaid bow, white frills, and plaid, cat ears."

"a black crop top with long sleeves, and a broken red heart on it, red jeans, and black combat boots"

22 "a short, black, plaid, seifuku dress, a bunch of band wristbands, black, and white, plaid thigh thighs, [her normal outfit's] skull boots [...], a gold cross necklace, and black, fingerless gloves"
23 same as chapter 22

straitjacket (with who knows what under it)

same as chapter 1

"a black furisode, that only came up halfway up [her] thigh, with red butterlies on it, frills on the obi, and collar, and sleeves, and some corset lace, on the dress part, below the obi [...and] a frilly black, and red chocker, to match the dress, [knee] high socks, with black, and white stripes, and red mary janes"

24 presumably same as chapter 23
25 "a black, emily the strange t-shirt, a pleated, gray miniskirt, black, knee high toe socks, and black, flip flops, over [her] black, lacy bikini, with tiny, dark, red bows on it"

presumably the bikini from chapter 12

26 same as chapter 25
27 same as chapter 25

"[a] short, black, 30 second to mars nightgown"

28 "a Blood on the dancefloor tank top, a ripepd, leather miniskirt, black fishnets, and black sandals."

"a long, black, nightgown, with spagetti straps"

29 "a flowy, black, tank top, with red stuff, on the edges, matching, short shorts, black, fingerless gloves, red, and black, striped, thigh highs, and chunky, black, mary janes"
30 same as chapter 29
31 same as chapter 29
32 "a black dress with a corset fromt, a sqare coller with frills, long sleeves with fluffy cuffs, a necalace with black dimonds, striped black tigts, and blak hiheeled boots"
33 Iwatobi school uniform
34 "a short blak sundress with rose print, black skeleton print soks and black converses"
35 "nightmare before Christmas pajama pants and black tank tip"

"black dress with long fishnet sleeves with flower designs, a balk choker, black leggings, and cute black combat boots"

36 a "led zeppelin t shirt that [she] was wearing as a nightgown"

"a white dress, with  black tulle on the edges, spaghetti straps, a corset front, and music designs, with bloody roses on it, and a black choker. [She] also put on black pantyhose, black [and] heh heeled boots"

37 the Iwatobi "unidorm, with blak spiderweb leggings, and arm wormers, a lot of mascara and black eyeshadow, red lipstick, and a choker"
38 same as chapter 37
39 exactly described the same way as in chapter 32, misspellings and all.
40 a costume of "Remilia Sacrlet [sic], from Touhou"
41 a "balk lacey nightgown that reached [her] knees"

a "black corset with maroon laces a black miniskirt with a maroon edge matching black knee-high toe socks and red and balk flip-flops"

42 ---
43 a "bring me the horizon nightshirt and black basketball bootie shorts"

Iwatobi school uniform

44 "a black bikii with red frills and a little bow"
45 a "short frilly black nightgown"

"a dark red tanktop that tied up into a bow at the back and mathcing booty shorts unver [her] signature black bikini with red frills and a red bow"

46 "dark purpleish gray long sleeved shirt with matching thigh highs a short black dress with a silver cross on it and black combat boots with a skull design over my black bikini with dark crimson lace" [pretty much her clothes from chapter 1 with a new bikini]
47 a "black 21 pilots nightgown"

"a blak ugandanh knuckles croptop [...], a red and black plaid miniskirt, maroon fishnets and black combat boots"

Famous Last Words: Edit

Chapter Clothing Description
1 "A long sleeved black gothic dress [...], fishnet stockings, black combat boots with skull desighes[sic], cross earrings and a lacy cross chocker[sic]"
2 same as chapter 1

"a lacy black bikini with rose patterns on it"

Trivia Edit

  • Except for her school uniform, her 'normal' outfit, her bikini, her Invader Zim pajamas and her funeral outfit, she has never worn any outfit twice.